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I Quit My Job To Become A Farmer

Wow, typing that out just gave me the chills. I did truly quit my full-time salaried job that had amazing benefits to start my own market garden business. It has been almost a full week since my last day at my previous job and I honestly couldn't be happier.

Now, let me be perfectly clear, I know that I am privileged to have been able to take this risk to follow my dreams. Not everyone has the ability to do the same. I have a supportive husband, a business degree, I was able to pick up a part-time job to help supplement my income, and I have known what I wanted to do for a long time. I think the last part might be the most important, I have spent the last 3 years planning how I was going to make this move work for myself and for my family. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision; I analyzed all of my options until it became clear that the only way I could make a garden business work was if I was able to take the risk of leaving a stable job to actually put in the work at my garden.

Before I get into my hopes and dreams for this project of mine, let me introduce myself.

Hanging in the trees at the Lands End Park in San Francisco, California while honeymooning.

Photo by the husband, Frank Humphries

June 2018

My name is Norma and I love the environment, point blank. I think that nature is beautiful and that we, as intelligent human beings, have a massive responsibility to take care of this Earth. I've always had this strong belief and I was raised to be considerate of how my actions affected the people around me. As I've matured, I started to think more about how my actions not only affected the people around me but how my actions affected the animals, plants, and other natural resources that surround me.

I decided to obtain a degree in business because I knew that I ultimately wanted to be my own boss, I just wasn't sure exactly what type of organization I wanted to own. Towards the end of my tenure at college, I started thinking more about food, where it comes from, how it is made, all of the resources that go into growing and selling food. I realized that I was very passionate about this topic and when it came down to it, I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and working outside in the garden. After I graduated, I was fortunate to be able to work as a garden manager for the South City Community Garden. I gained so much from this experience, from learning valuable agricultural knowledge to growing my own self-confidence.

I am amazed by the millions of varieties of plants that grow on this Earth and I want to cultivate, learn their mechanisms, and share my passion with others. I want to grow beautiful and healthy vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, and share the bounty with my community. I want to teach and learn from others about the ways we can grow & utilize our food and watch people fall in love with the process.

That is my "Why?"...

That is why I started Humphries' Homegrown, a diversified fruit & vegetable market garden. My mission for Humphries' Homegrown is to provide people with nutritious, tasty fresh food as well as educate the community on the many facets of food and the ways people can live a more sustainable & healthy lifestyle.

I hope that you stay involved with this project of mine and are willing to come visit my garden and to explore the Farmer's Markets in our area.

Please, stay in touch and reach out if you have any questions or have feedback! This is my first experience with launching a business and writing a blog and I am by no means pretending to have it all figured out. After all, we are all continuing to grow into the best versions of ourselves daily, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

I will be posting more blogs related to farming, science, cooking, travel, and local events in the future. Check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for more inspiration and to connect.

Let's grow together, friends!


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